I assign homework Monday through Thursday in my class. Most days, if not all, the students will have reading, spelling, and math homework.  They will, of course, be practicing skills that have been taught during the day's lessons.

 If for some reason I have not assigned homework for a particular subject, it may be due to the fact that the students took a test in that particular subject matter earlier that schoolday.

*Please be sure to check your child's planner for completeness each night and to initial it each THURSDAY  night.  I use their planners as a way to communicate with parents, especially when it pertains to their child's learning experience in my classroom. 

Reading  M-F
Read aloud to someone in your family for 20 minutes and write a 5 sentence summary of what you read.

Day 1- ABC order

Day 2- 5 times each

Day 3- Write rhyming words for each word on list. 

Day 4-Write sentences for first 10 words on your list.

Day 5-Write sentences for the last 10 words on your list.

Day 6-Have an adult give you a practice test and have them initial your paper. (Make sure you write the words you got incorrect 10 times each to prepare for test.) 


Practice Sheet

Topic 1

Lesson 1

Problems 1-